Property Manager

Casey Hawea

About Me

I’m a family oriented person, so I fit right into the close knit team at Watt.

On the home front, things are pretty calm as well…most of the time (I am a mum!). With two children 8 and 1 years old, I’m always playing mum taxi, that’s when I’m not hot footing it around our rental portfolio.
I love building trusting long-term relationships with both landlords and tenants.
I like to think they develope from my can-do attitude, consistent communication….oh and my comforting, calm approach.
I’m fully in-tune with the Northside market and am quick to respond when conditions allow for a rental increase.
Likewise, I’m on the ball with repairs, understanding that a well-maintained property retains its value longer.
I love the challenge of property management, and being a little bit crazy (in a good way) always helps keep the role fresh and fun!
Just make note when then rugby’s on I may bore you with regular updates…Go All Blacks!

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